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Hi! I'm Crystal! Though I've only been an editor since early 2017, I have been a writer since I first learned to read. As a child, I wrote stories on paper towels and stapled pages together to try to sell as "books" in my neighborhood's yard sales. Since then, I have written five books of my own and worked for four years as a full-time freelance copywriter. Having been on both sides of the editorial table, I have an intimate understanding of the author's process. 


As a freelance copyeditor, I've been privileged to turn my love of language and stories into the work I feel has been meant for me my whole life. My goal and my passion is to help authors polish their work to absolute perfection.


My credentials include a BA in English Writing Studies from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, and a Certificate of Editing from Poynter U /ACES. I am a current and active member of the American Copy Editor's Society, Editorial Freelancer's Association, and Association of Independent Publishing Professionals.

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