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Contributions to Published Works

The following list includes a small selection of published works that I have edited or proofread. Inclusion in this list does not mean that I was the sole editor before publishing, nor is this a comprehensive list of all manuscripts I have worked on. 

Author D.J. Bodden:

In the same universe as above: 

Author Chris A. Jackson:

Author Eric Ruthford:

Author Cindy Marabito:

Author Greg Walters:

Author Valentina Tsoneva:

Author A.W. Wang:

Author Sophie Lark:

  • All 60+ books - proofread

Author Liz Alvin

Author Bethany Maines:

Author Vikki Walton:


Author Dan Neil:​

Author Zoe Dawson

Author Eliza Master:

Author J.M. Phillippe:

Author Megan D. Martin:

Author Melinda Wyers:

Author P.K. Abbot:

Author Baltazar Bolado:

Please note: The business of editing is intrinsically a process of offering advice and suggestions to the author, and the author, especially one who is self-publishing, may reject or implement this advice as they see fit. Editor rarely has input on blurbs or book descriptions published on Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere. 

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